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Authorised translator

A Notary Public does not normally translate documents. Many countries need a translation to be made by an authorised translator. An authorised translator will have passed an examination of their knowledge and also have undergone an integrity assessment. They are also subject to the regulatory supervision of the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. The protected title for an authorised translator is ‘auktoriserad translator’. You will be able to find an authorised translator on the website of the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency,

The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency is a state administrative authority reporting to the Ministry of Finance. This agency has a long history which goes back to when it was established in 1539 during the reign of Gustav Vasa. It is regarded as Sweden’s first public authority. In addition to the authorisation of translators, the agency also deals with the authorisation of interpreters, is responsible for the Swedish Inheritance Fund, insures government operations, etc.