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Consumer Disputes Board

You have the opportunity to contact the Swedish Bar Association’s Consumer Disputes Board if you are dissatisfied with how we have performed our assignment. 

The Swedish Bar Association’s Consumer Disputes Board considers disputes about fees and other financial claims that a consumer makes against an attorney or law offices as a result of an attorney service. ‘Consumer’ means in this context a natural person who acts primarily for purposes that are outside their trade, business or profession. An ‘attorney service’ is a service performed by an attorney or associate at law offices within the framework of their operation.

You must first have made a written complaint to the attorney before the Consumer Disputes Board will consider the dispute. There must have been an attempt to resolve the dispute in consultation with the attorney before submitting your claim. The claim may not be for less than SEK 1,000 and may not be for more than SEK 200,000. The claim must have been presented to the Consumer Disputes Board within one year from when you made the written complaint to the attorney. Exceptional circumstances must apply for any exemption to this.

Contact details:

Postal address
Sveriges advokatsamfund
Box 27321
102 54 Stockholm


If you wish to submit documents to the Consumer Disputes Board by email, please submit them in Word or PDF format in the first instance.


National: 08-459 03 00 (switchboard)
International: +46 8 459 03 00 (switchboard)