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Spanish powers of attorney

Do you need to legalise documents for Spain?

Buying and selling commercial and residential properties in Spain has become commonplace. This normally requires a power of attorney being sent to Spain. You will obtain a power of attorney from your attorney, estate agent or legal representative in Spain. Bring this power of attorney to us and sign it while you are at our office. Also bring a population registration certificate (personbevis) showing your address and marital status. After we have legalised the power of attorney, it must also have an apostille affixed. This is always a requirement for documents going to Spain. We have very extensive experience of processing Spanish matters and do this on a daily basis. Please contact us if you have any questions in this respect.

If you are married and the power of attorney involves the sale of real property, both you and your spouse must sign the document even if you are the sole owner of the property. Under Swedish law, real property may not be transferred or disposed of without a spouse’s consent.

What should I do?

  1. Come to our office with the power of attorney and sign it at our office.
  2. Bring your passport as this often needs to be legalised.
  3. Bring your population registration certificate together with any instructions you have received.
  4. We will certify the document
  5. We will affix an apostille to the document(s).